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Sample Yachting CV


This sample CV was provided by Fred Dovaston. Mr Dovaston served as yacht captain for 25 years. For 11 years he was captain and manager of a luxury 53 metre yacht, which cruised the World with 11 professional crew and logged more than 130,000 nautical miles. When he started the agency in February 1996, he knew, from first hand experience, the needs and necessities of the industry's employers as well as those of the employees. This wealth of experience combined with today's information technology, has allowed the company to become a World leader in the placement of professional crew

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Please insert a head and shoulders photograph in smart dress or uniform
(Most preferably in JPEG format)


Personal Details

Date of Birth: add/mm/year


Marital status: i.e single, married

Contact information

Home number:




Other information
Visa’s (i.e B1/B2, C1D, Schengen)




A brief description of the type of position you are looking for and your career goals.



Please list your recognized qualifications.

Make sure to include anything you think may be relevant to your application.  e.g. RYA certificates, catering qualifications.  Mention the name of the issuing establishment of the qualification, otherwise it may not be recognized. 


Employment History

We recommend that you list your employment history starting with your most recent position in the following format:


Name of Yacht: MY/SY (Name of Yacht) Length: 40m

Dates: e.g. November 2005 to January 2007

Position Held: Please state your position i.e. Deckhand

Job Description: A brief overview of the duties performed whilst employed


Additional Skills & Achievements

You may add any extra information here, e.g. languages, awards, computer literacy, diving courses etc..


Hobbies and Interests

Please briefly describe any active hobbies or interests that you have



We recommend you include the contact details for at least two referees in the following format:

Name and position:

Yacht Name:

Mobile number:

Email address:

General advice on writing your CV

  • Try to keep it to maximum of three pages - two pages is ideal.
  • Always do a spell check before you send it off!
  • Try and write your CV geared towards the position you are looking for and keep the work experience relevant to that position.
  • If you have ‘gaps’ in your CV between employment describe what you were doing in this time period e.g. traveling, taking courses etc.